Sunday, October 5, 2008

For the record...

Percy has asked me to release the following statement: for the last time, I am not dating Cassie. I do not know where these rumors came from but they are not true. I respect Cassie as an artist and hope no negativity has come from this incident. Thank you.

Public Relations Coordinator

Marty Hischfield

Are we on the air? Is this thing on?

Okay folks, the network is on me to create a new show to bring up our overall ratings. Our demographics are down across the board and if I don't bring our viewership out of the gutter, I'm out and the network may fold. So, we're proudly introducing The Percy Carey Show to our loyal and amazing fans. Percy is one of our dear friends, and with his new and changing look on the world, he can bring a fresh, new perspective to our network. He's had a career as a hip-hop artist and writer, and this unique view is one that we love. So, Percy will be hosting the Percy Carey Show, where he will hold interviews and offer his personal views on the world. We are excited for this show because Percy has informed us that it will be a raw and edgy show, unlike anything else where anything goes. We offer this warning: viewer discretion is advised, as Percy himself has told us he doesn't know what will happen when his show hits the airwaves. But one thing is sure, be ready for some hard hitting questions, raw and real answers, and a new attitude for an old idea. The talk shows will never be the same now that The Percy Carey Show is about to be unleashed.