Friday, January 9, 2009

When it's all said and done

When it's all said and done
By Percy Carey

"To Be or Not To Be That Is The Question?"

"I Am who I Am"
(Exodus 3:14)

"I yam who I yam"
(Popeye the Sailor man)

I'm working on 10 albums at the same time; it was the only thing I could do for my own selfish reasons to top my triple CD American Hunger, which consisted of 60 songs (The first and only of it's kind from a independent solo hip hop artist, and should be in the Guinness Book of World records right now), so you're talking about at least 150 songs I plan on releasing in 2009. I don't even know why I'm even telling you guys it's not like you really care. It's weird dealing with different mediums of entertainment, because no matter if it's music, television, comic books, I broke the record for it, and I still feel like that don't really mean anything to you guys; all people really care about is what type car you're driving, or how much your chain cost (slaves wore chains, only difference is you paid cash for yours, and Jacob The Jeweler didn't have to whip you in the middle of his plantation to make you keep them on). But when it's all said and done what will you be remembered for? What have you really done on this planet? Everything I said I wanted to do in the entertainment industry, people always told me it couldn't be done and don't waste my time trying, and you know what? I did it anyway. I created my first album in 24 hours before being incarcerated, and it went down as a hip hop classic. I created and recorded American Hunger in 11 days (and two hard drives crashed while recording it) and it's considered a classic as well; yeah, you might disagree and think that I'm whack, but to each his own... life goes on; I'm just trying to make up for all of the trouble I put my family through. Since I was born I've been a headache to my mother; it's wild because when she was pregnant with me the doctor's told her not to have me due to complications, but being the strong woman she is, she went through the pregnancy anyway, and almost died on the table, so I owe the lady a lot. I've been shot, went to prison and tainted my family name and honor, by giving in to my temptations of the street. It wasn't needed for me to do the things I chose to do in the past, I just wanted to do it plain and simple, and I paid for it dearly. Most of my friends are dead, no excuse me, ALL of my friends are dead, because most of the people that are still alive, I found out the hard way that they were never my friends in the first place. I helped start the careers of a lot of artist that are now successful; I taught all of them how to survive, create music, beats, create labels, distribution, how to close deals, only to have them stab me in the back; but that has happened to great men throughout history, so why would it be different for me? (I have to play my position and just act it out to the credits roll) I don't care about the majority of things in life anymore but I do have a strong desire to make sure children don't go down my past destructive path, so that's where my head is at right now; it's not a girl, a car, jewelry, friends or anything materialistic, and I'm not trying to buy my way into heaven like some of you guys reading this, my fate is my fate. I'm just selfish and I don't want kids to feel the pain I've felt. After all of the years of trouble finally I got my act together and I must admit it's a wonderful feeling to hear my parents tell me that they're both proud of me, and I'm going to continue that. With that said, welcome to the Percy Carey show, where anything can happen (and sometimes nothing at all). Thank you for not listening.

Monday, January 5, 2009

"The Percy Carey Show" Starts January 21, 2009!

"The Best thing to give your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men charity"

Francis Maitland Balfour

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"The Percy Carey Show" Starts January 21, 2009