Monday, January 11, 2010

(Monday) 1/11 Politics

What are your thoughts?

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Ra tha Sun God said...

It'z Funny How Our Government Can Make Sense Out Of Give'n Corporationz Like AIG 'n GM $ Not to Mention the Outrageous Military Budget + Our Nationz National Debt! We Can Still Borrow Money from the Fed, Give It To Theze Corporate Goonz 'n Not Give a MF where the $'z Goin' But they Can't Uze That Same Counterfeit $ to Help Comunitiez 'n Small Business'z without Give'n a MF Where the $'z Goin'

By the Way Glad to See DayByDayEnt Back Up Bro! Lol! Did 'em Punk MF'erz Give Ya a Lone

Percy Carey said...


lol..I could use a loan right now. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Carey, I told you awhile back that i read your book and absoultley loved it...I was meaning to tell you this but never had the chance...I let the art teacher borrow it and he enjoyed it aswell. I just wanted to let you know that my school ordered mad copies of the book and is gonna be introduced and studied in Comic novel class.

Alright man thank you for your time and talent, im sorry i didnt say anything about the goverment cause i completley lost faith in it haha.