Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mtv removes music from logo

Mtv Changes Logo

What are your thoughts?

Where will the network head next?

In addition to youtube, where do you go to see music videos?


E-Unum said...

They should have been done that who watches mtv for music any more?They should just remain a symbol or logo like the singer Prince once tried doing


banx said...

word to what e said, long time coming. they dont care about music anymore. they lost the music in mtv so they made mtv2, which also started as an exclusive, music only channel. they said fuck it and turned that into reality shows too. shits disappointing but there are far to many better sources for me to get great music now (pandora.com for one)so i say fuck em. who needs em.

CISCONYC said...

Good question... So what does the "M" stand for now? Money? Media? More Bull $hit? lol