Wednesday, March 10, 2010

what are you guys up to?

What are you listening to right now?



sashyh said...

children of abel off american hunger,ohh and now watch out!

CAM said...

Bumping a lot of Isaac recently, so right now is courtesy of Mr. Hayes, Tonight's Da Night by Redman

What you been up to Grimm? Getting it done in the studio?

ADDQUEST said...
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ADDQUEST said...

whatsup Percy!!
Right now,,,Your mixtape album "STORY by MF GRIMM",,,and Madlib's mixtape,,,so cool

Not to change the subject,,,,
I have to talk to you for a minute.
this is important.

First, if you please tell me your E-mail address.


I'm Looking forward to good answer.

Bed Stivy said...

a little Ziggy Marley today.

Elijah said...

Been Listening to a lot of Lupe Fiasco lately.

Jesse Taco said...

gm grimm
guilty pimpson

brownhornet said...

con funk shun, gil scott heron, dead prez, styles p,

Keith Irwin said...

Grieves - The Confessions of Mr. Modest, Ras Kass - Soul On Ice (I was feeling a little old school. That's still a fantastic album), Nas & Bob Marley (prod. 100 Akres) - Relatives Abroad Mash-Up (free download, total worth checking out anyone who hasn't), Dessa - A Badly Broken Code.

Percy Carey said...

Yes, I'm In the studio with Twiz The Beat Pro and you can send emails to


Roods Corner said...

Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt.2

by Raekwon.

Been waiting for it for the longest and i aint gonna stopping listing to it for the longest. of course though im gonna pop in that Hunt For The Gingerbread Mana couple of times.

banx said...

shit im working, learning to drive (waited to long to start, 22 now), got my first tattoo and just moved out. doing it big. always listenin to some grimm, onyx, jmt, and just rediscovered nine. yall should peep make or take. sax sample will destroy shit. still waiting for the new album grimm

Anonymous said...

i've been bumpin a lot of:

Mos Def
Talib Kweli
Gorillaz (NEW ALBUM!)

Donnie Davidson said...

Return of the Gingerbread man!

青椒 said...


mf_doom956 said...

it so easy to die but its hard to make a dollar screamin from the desert eagle make it holla

jonathan said...


Niklo said...

Blood of Abraham "Future Profits"
@ Blaq Ink & Chip-Fu's "Jungle Rock Jr The Stop Playing" Mix Tape

CAM said...

Tech nine dreams and mac eleven wishes
Infrared is beaming on the target
Making sure there is no misses
Your funeral, you know who's blowing kisses
At your widow it sound fucked up
But your widow's doing ditto kiddo
Get with me in your death she didn't dwell
Your living up in Heaven but I know you're mad as Hell
No one knows I killed you except you
and we all know a dead man can't tell (shhhhhhhhh)

banx said...

listenin to skip james now. yall need to research if you aint heard of him