Thursday, April 1, 2010

MF Cult? or Culture?

What is the meaning behind the title M.F. and why is it so powerful in the hip hop culture?

What is it about the MF that makes followers from all around the world extremely loyal to emcees that are honored with this esteemed title?

Some say the music created by MF affects the behavior of the devoted followers who acknowledge MF as innovative and on the path to solve the world's ill's, but what is it about the MF that make it so appealing to followers?

Is it the lyrics? Is it the music? Is it charisma? Or is it an equal balance of all three elements that sets MF apart from all others?. Only the inner circle of the MF knows for sure.

A seldom few have been granted this title but some insiders of the cult(ure) say that the MF title can take it's toll on those leaders who decide to abuse it, and abuse the dedicated followers who support. In the end they will be found not worthy and stripped of their title. What's done in the dark will come to light, but through it all, the MF title will live on.

Many choose to use the title MF, but only one was chosen.

The chosen one returns MAY 18, 2010..."The World's Waiting"

- Mike


Anonymous said...

patiently waiting

Anonymous said...

patiently waiting....

Keith Irwin said...

Are we supposed to have forgotten that a few short years ago, you had decided to run away from MF to be GM Grimm instead? Plus, how many other MCs have really tried to jump on the MF bandwagon? Thus far, I haven't seen any. There was a time when I figured that they would, but they don't seem to have. So, honestly, as a long time fan of both you and Doom, I don't think that hyping the MF thing really works. My advice is to stick to talking about the quality of the music and lyrics.

Percy Carey said...

You have the right to your opinion. There's more MF's than you think (I thought you would know that?) It's funny because you said it yourself you thought they would so how hard are you searching? as for GM that was given to me and the GM grimm album was as Jet Jaguar all of my M.IC. albums are under GM GRIMM aka Jet Jaguar I have digital tears, Digital Sweat, and Digital bloodI thank you for being a long time fan and being honest with your feelings and as sticking to the quality of music and lyrics that's not for me to speak on, that's for listener's to speak about, some people like me some don't but that's what balance out the world. The freedom to say what you want is priceless don't you think? Actually this is a concept album and it has lot to do with it without me giving away things at this time. Keith to sum it up it's just music brother I'm glad you support DOOM and hopefully you'll like my new album. Take care.


Percy Carey.

Percy Carey said...

P.s. I can't

Jesse Taco said...

keith irwin- you is wack like. look how many aka's artists go by, why tha fuck can you judge a name god? GM- Grandmaster, given to only the supreme microphone legends. quit talkin shit to grimm that you know nothing about. There are quite a few MF's or artists that sometimes go by an MF. Many have been affiliated with the NY underground and have collaborated with Grimm before.

Keith Irwin said...

Percy: I understand what you're saying about using Jet Jaguar for the M.I.C. stuff. I got the whole name concept for all that. But at the time, it certainly looked like the move from MF to GM was reflective of you trying to distance yourself from Doom some, either due to beef or just trying to make sure that you didn't get seen as the guy in his shadow. Switching back to MF didn't really seem odd or anything, but now trying to use the MF as a marketing gimmick just looks odd (in my opinion). That said, my only real concern is that you find ways to market yourself which work because I want you to succeed. I have no doubt in your talent, but obviously things have not come together to bring you to the public eye in a substantial manner. So any criticism I make of your marketing is just out of concern that it be as effective as possible. I don't wish you anything other than success.

And yes, I know that you can't literally run. I'm not trying to rub that in. But if I'd said "you had decided to roll away from MF to be GM Grimm instead", that would've sounded odd to me.

Jesse: I'm not dissing a name and I don't see why you would think I am. I don't have anything against Percy using "MF Grimm", "GM Grimm", "Jet Jaguar" or anything else. He could go back to "Grimm Reaper" or "Percy Carey" for all I care. He's certainly earned the right to use the Grand-Master title. I like the music, I like the man. I'm perfectly willing to follow that through name changes. And, hey, I've managed to keep up with all of Madlib's alter egos, and that's like three times as many names (heck, even the discography in Wikipedia is missing like 1/3 of his records because they didn't realize that "Joe McDuphrey Experience" or "Malik Flowers" are just Madlib alter-egos).

All I was objecting to was the hyping of the MF thing as a promo. It just doesn't seem like an effective way to promote to me for the reasons I mentioned. I worry that most people when they read that aren't going to find it ringing true, especially since aside from Doom, they won't have heard of any other rappers using MF.

Because, really, aside from the joking reference to MF Bob (on whichever record that was), I haven't seen any other MFs or heard mention of them. And I'm a cat who really keeps up with the underground. I'm the one who tells other people that they need to listen to El Guante or Los Orishas or Dillon or Mac Lethal or Serengeti or Freebass 808 or, well, MF Grimm, for that matter. And I've never seen anyone else using MF, not even a guest appearance on any album I own or a shout-out in any song I've ever heard, and I have upwards of a thousand hip-hop albums at this point.

Certainly, if you Google for something like "MF rapper" you only find Doom and Grimm. If you search on Amazon or iTunes for MF, aside from Doom and Grimm, you only find things like MFG and MFSB, which are not rappers. Amie Street also has artists like Mfika and Mframa, which are just names of African artists. So we can pretty much safely conclude that no other MF rapper has gotten their stuff together enough to put out a single or an album.

So, maybe it's been a New York thing. Unfortunately, it's a lot tougher to keep up with the NYC underground scene when you don't live in NYC than anywhere else. A lot of NYC MCs are mostly just focused on trying to build a local reputation and often don't bother putting up web sites or mp3s to get the word out to the rest of us.

So I'm not saying that the other people who've used MF don't exist, I'm just saying that they're so far off the radar virtually no one will have heard of them. I keep a pretty good watch on things and I've never heard of any. So I would be surprised if that statement about a lot of MFs being out there rang true with very many other people.

Keith Irwin said...

Oh, and also, Jesse, I would like to point out that I never said that there aren't any other MFs. I asked how many there were and said that I haven't seen any. And that's the honest truth: I haven't.

Never did I say that they didn't exist. So don't accuse me of talking about something that I don't know anything about because you put those words in my mouth. I didn't say them.

Percy Carey said...

Malik Flowers....."MF".

Michael said...

Keith Irwin - where may I contact you? I would like to speak with you further - in an amiable fashion, no less. Thank you. Please email me @

junk said...

i laughed at the Malik Flowers thing. hahaha. good eye Mr. Carey. ;]