Friday, May 14, 2010

Top Ten Hated in Hip-Hop

What are your thoughts on this:


- Mike


Macholizard316 said...

I fully agree with this list. I never thought anyone could be evil unitl discovering Suge Knight and Solar's (Solar especially)dispicable acts.

Is there anything you personally agree/disagree with on this list, Grimm?

eunum said...

They were hated but Must of this ppl have talent or success either in business or in music but #1 on the list really deserves to be thier the gods are coming for u 360 degrees

mumblz said...

interesting. I'm surprised Jerry Heller isn't on here. i.e. wedge of the beatles... NWA.

Some of these folks are just disliked, hate is an overused term with a horribly distorted definition these days.

CAM said...

i dunno how p diddy doesn't make the list. from jacking beats, to ruining classics with his background antics. being in all the videos, perpetuating the beef as equally as suge. not a diddy fan.