Monday, October 25, 2010


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Percy Carey


banx said...

thats pretty awesome. I'm glad not only your story is being heard by others but are also getting into comics as well. congrats and keep inspiring the yung'uns and people of all ages for that matter. peace

BillyJ said...

I feel like I learn so much from your music, I can't thank you enough. You are a true inspiration.
In a music business saturated with two-bit rappers you are one of the truest MCs around.
The definition of a REAL MC.
And BY FAR, the most underrated MC in my opinion.
As far as I'm concerned, if 100% of the people aren't down with Grimm then he's being undervalued because his work speaks for itself. LEGEND.

Simon-Timothy said...

Hey Mr. Grimm. I´m appreciating your music, like you alot.

thanx for sharing your thoughts


berlin, germany

Barry said...

Man I have been listening to you for a minute and always wondered how you hooked up with Zev and how you ended up in a wheelchair. your graphic novel is an inspiration to me. Hopefully the project Im working on will influence you to do business with me in the future. I dont want to spoil my idea but you can e-mail me and i will send you a rough draft of what Im doing. All in one hour of reading your graphic novel i found the inspiration to do what I love the most. I have learned that no matter how tough the situation you can be a success by reaching out and doing your best at everything. My email is I will send you some of my music and art. Maybe we can hook up and do a track or two. Or even I can be a secret weapon of development for GRIMM.... LOL Until then Stay Positive Brother and thanks for sharing your story and working Hard for what you believe in!! Much LOVE!!!Peace Long Live HIP HOP!!!

Nicotine Milk said...

Finally got around to finding/reading Sentences. Learned a lot that I didn't know... Where's the sequel??

My girl has been stomping around the apartment reciting Gingy verses. I used to play the LP a lot when we first hooked up 3 years ago. Fame came on shuffle in our pad and she started flowing the whole damn thing. I was like, whoah, when'd you learn this? I guess it implanted itself in her cerebral. Whatchu doing to my girl, GM??

Hope you're well. People around the world are listening to you at any given moment. Some aren't even listening.

kaelen said...

yo nigga! don't know how to contact you so im just gonna post this here and maybe you will read it.

if you want to walk again you should try singing to your legs.

At the very least they will appreciate it.

I can't travel at the moment, but in the future I might come down to the states to play ball and I can show you if your interested.

no big secret, just breathe deep into your heels and remember the mind of a child, the type of mind that doesn't give a fuck about walking and can fly through the air with a belly full of breath.

this nigga got laser beam eyes!



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Im_Hit! said...

Grimm! It's shawn (John Stewart writing partner). How do Darryl and I reach you? you can email me at

Nick Olsen said...

Haha, hey man not expecting a reply but, what ever happend to Zymeer? He didn't decease did he? Thanks.