Sunday, February 1, 2009

MF DOOM and MF GRIMM are Brothers

By Percy Carey

I need to set the record straight, there's no problems between DOOM and I. I understand in the past things were said back and forth but that is the past, so if anyone approach you and ask about a war between MF DOOM and MF GRIMM
Please tell them what I just stated; if they don't believe you, just send them here to read this; that goes for anyone else in M.I.C. who people might think we're beefing. I'm on a path to become a better person, it's the only way the creator will allow me to enjoy the benefits of life. I'm about to apply for college, and attempt to get a degree in marketing, I'm also donating my time to the local zoo, because of my fascination of studying orangutans; my goal is to create a story about them and other great apes and turn it into a graphic novel. I'm looking forward to seeing how life will be in the future. I would also like to thank all of you guys for supporting me, and for the comments they're were needed. Please excuse any errors in this I'm typing from my phone, I'll edit everything later. How many of you guys heard my song "Dirg of Dolor"?. You can check it out on until I post it up here at "The Percy Carey Show". Feel free to think me what you think about the song. Thank you, and goodnight.


Bachir said...

Whatever feels right homie, whatever feels right. That degree is a must... I'm currently trying to do the same. best of luck

Percy Carey said...


Thank you. Best of luck to you as well.


akbah1 said...

Dirg of Dolor is ill MF!

I just read "Sentences" and it proves your status of GM and true legend in our culture and life.

Anxiously waiting a follow up to American Hunger ( 3 x dope ).

Seuss Akbah

Percy Carey said...


Thank you. I'm working on the follow up to "American Hunger" it's called "The Fast" it will not be as many songs I will do shorter albums from now on, American Hunger was really just to prove a point "that anything is possible" but from here on out, I'll go with creating short albums that I feel will be able to represent me correctly. Atleast two new albums will be written and produced by me; for the past 2 years I switched over to producing tracks and I can see me doing that when I no longer records, but first I have to rock over my own tracks and them maybe some people will ask me to create tracks for them as well. I'm not one to care about being considered a failure; If I don't give it a shot then I have already failed. We will see. please tell me what you think about it. The first thing I'm going to release for free is a online mixtape of me rocking over already released tracks adding my perspective to them; It's called "Lemonade For Inez" It's dedicated to my sister Inez Williams, who passed away from cancer over a year ago. The reason for the name is a long story, but I will post it next time.

Anonymous said...

Peace Grimm,

Good luck with releasing your new album and mixtape. I can't wait to hear them.

- GTAsoldier

P.S.: I'm sorry to hear about your sister. May she rest in peace.

Percy Carey said...


Thank you. I appreciate the love, and I know my sister is in a much better place because she was and always will be an angel. I hope you like the songs, I will keep you updated. Please tell anyone who you would feel be interested in joining "The Percy Carey Show" to come and hang out with us. The family is growing.

Jamie said...

Glad to hear it. I haven't collected much over my time as a hip-hop fan, but for some reason I've managed to hold onto The EP and apparently its become something of a collector's item; great to see something of value acquire value. I'm just dropping a couple of lines to say congratulations on your new outlook and I'll be reaching out to you soon. I, like you, am always scheming a way to diversify and distribute my talents in the service field that is hip hop. Keep you're prose coming, you're one of the few wise cats who can share atop such a distinguished platform.
1, Jim

Percy Carey said...


Thank you. Hit me up whenever you're ready.

Spinx said...

Great news about the new album. Everything you've dropped so far has been really dope, from Ibliys to the Gingerbread Man.

I thought Sentences was excellent, so I'm interested to see where you go next with the graphic novel thing.

Nice to hear there's no more beef and that you're trying to further yourself, as ever, with college.

Sorry to hear about your sister's passing. R.I.P.


Percy Carey said...


Thank you. My focus is a graphic novel named John Solo (my other blog) I will update it this week. I love John Solo and it's going to be a smash hit when it's released. please join my other blog and you'll see.


Spinx said...

Cool, I'll have to check it out. I'm actually writing a graphic novel myself at the moment with an artist friend of mine. Getting it started has been a slow process but now the ideas are starting to flow so hopefully it should go well.

I'm gonna go check out your other blog now.

CAM said...

Hey Grimm I just gave 'Dirg of Dolor' a listen. I'll be honest, I thought the guitar sample in the beat got a little too repetitive, but WOW Grimm the wordplay is sensational. You hear all this garbage music that's being made nowadays and you forget what actual wordplay with meaning sounds like.
The rhymes are on point. And although I think it's a little repetitive I do like the guitar sample, it creates a fitting mood for the subject matter. The picture collage is put together pretty well too, it helps to emphasize the lyrics.

I look forward to the future releses and highly anticipate hearing work from MF Grimm the producer.

Also I'm quoting this from you
"I'm not one to care about being considered a failure; If I don't give it a shot then I have already failed."
That's real talk.

K said...

I heard Dirg of Dolor. I thought it was good, but closer to okay. I like most of your music though. I really liked your Landslide Remix.

Griffy aka J said...

Yo perk you the absolute man. All of your struggles and for you to overcome them as a true champion, yo you are a true legend and inspiration. Gingy money stack that shit yo. You the truth. Fuck all those wack cats and they aint so hard to spot anymore ya her.

Hunter said...

Good to hear that you and Doom are back to cool. Are y'all gonna get a cd together again? Maybe another Monsta Islands Album? Thats a great album. As a fan who owns all your albums I appreciate what you have done for hip hop and am glad to hear that things are going great for you and yours. My favorite album is still Downfall. The MF EP was dank too. I love all those songs and they aren't as silly as your gingerbread man persona. Not that I have a problem with it, i love the come back to my house you would love it line and the beat.

Quan said...

Thank God yall 2 are back cool agin, I hope yall can get back on some tracks together again
Yall are 2 good to be beefing,, ya know

Macholizard316 said...

Man, this is great news. I've been a fan of both of yours for a while, and this has been a knife through my heart since it came to light. You're both incredibly talented, and I hope it gets to the point where you can drop another collaboration album. If that's not the case, it's just good to know you won't be taking pot shots ate each other.

michaelgreatwright92 said...

You think you guys will ever work together again?

Zeq said...

Yeah I would also like to know if you and MF DOOM is going to make an album again cause that shit would be tight homie!