Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food Review

This is my first food review. Ratings are. Happy face as the best and Sad Face as

:) = Good as it gets

**** = very good
*** = It was cool
** =Be happy you ate something
* = What was I thinking?
:( = Hurry up and ltake me to the fucking hospital

FOOD Review

Style- Fast
Place- Carl Jrs.- Ate a hamburger and some poison they tried to pass off as ice tea. It sucks.
Rating- :(


Nicotine Milk said...

Yo Gingy,

Carls Jr. does suck. You should try some DIY fried fox. Sacrifice to the Baker.

Atomic Peace,
Cracker Jack

whomenotnow said...

OOOOwwwEE!! Carls Jr, it has electrolytes!! Awesome rating system.

Percy Carey said...

Carl's Jr is terrible in my opinion as a consumer and someone need to buy the franchise an tear it down.

Percy Carey said...

I have more food reviews on the way (this week is basically fast food but I have a few others too)