Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DOOM "Born Like This" What do you think of the album?

I'm curious what do you guys think of DOOM's new album?.

Percy Carey


MalaQi Shallah said...

I'll give it a 3.75/5. Only b/c i've heard some of the beats on earlier joints. He really raises the bar with each release. I didnt even know it was out til i saw it at best buy. Oh yea, your American Hunger joint is bangin. i am in the process of creatin' the 2nd triple cd. and i will release the 1st quadruple cd. Thats right 120 joints. one.

Subroc said...

It's a solid album, but it definitely can't stand up to "Operation: Doomsday" & "MM..FOOD". It takes a few listens to fully get the album, after the first you don't really appreciate it as much as you should.

It will end up as one of the best releases of the year.

Nicotine Milk said...

To me, the album seems like a re-hashing of old stuff with a few relatively new tracks (assuming because of the references to the Hadron Collider and other things). I would have cut a lot of it out. I think the "Supervillainz" track is trash, but I understand that it's also supposed to be a joke. I can't listen to "Ballskin" either. It's too much of a single state-of-mind. Same with "That's That." But yeah, it's okay. I appreciated the release. I like DOOM's music a lot, but there's no creative direction on the album. It's a kind of, "hey, here's some stuff" vibe. I always liked DOOM because he was always verbally going somewhere in an album... Like listening to a book on tape that rhymed and had sick beats. Know what I mean? There's none of that on "Born Like This." It's real cheap in that way.

I was REALLY surprised by the Charles Bukowski shout-out. Hank is one of my favorite authors, poets, etc. so I definitely appreciated that. "Cellz" is the sickest thing on "Born Like This" as far as the narrative, metaphysical raps go. But, yeah, like I said, that's the kind of stuff I like so I'm biased.

Percy, did you hear the "half baked" reference on "Gazzillion Ear?" I would sometimes hear a lot of direct to vague references to your work on this album... But I might have just been high. If I were worth a damn, I'd go back and write them all down, but the dog is whining and I gotta go take care of real life.

I agree with Subroc though... It can't touch the old stuff. I know it's the kind of opinion that drove Dave Chappelle insane. But, damn, it's true. I miss the old MF DOOM voice too... I don't know about all this deep-throated front stuff.

Atomic Peace,
Cracker Jack

Nicotine Milk said...


I hear a lot of Kool Keith in it too. Especially the whole "disappear, reappear, disappear again" thing on "Ballskin." It reminds me of second verse on "Earth People"

"You recognized, so what?
I turned invisible.
Made myself clear, reappeared to you visual.
Disappear again, zapped like a android..."

Yeah, but I could just be paranoid.

I'm done, for real.

Peace Atomic,
Cracker Jack

Evince said...

I wasn't dissapointed at all. It was a decent album. Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting it to be too awesome, or what, but it was pretty good. It's far from his best work but it's definitely worth a few listens.

Nicotine Milk said...

Last one (FOR REAL),

In "Absolutely," DOOM says "Remember the part when Terminator killed Tookie?" Don't have to tell you where he got that from either. Huh, Percy?

Cracker Jack

Percy Carey said...

I respect your honesty about the album; and although our flows are apples and oranges DOOM and I think alike that's why we always worked so well together. As for The Gingerbread man situation I will listen to it again and give you my honest feedback about it but I do want you to know there's no beef between us. I spoke to Kurious yesterday we were talking about us three (Kurious DOOM and Myself) finally doing an album together sometimes brothers fight, that's the past we're not going to look back I have nothing but love for him and his family. I want to see him do well and I will assist him anyway I can. I'm curious what do you expect from me on my next album? who would you like to see me collaborate with? (I'm not making promises, I'm just curious) but I
can promise you a "GZA/MF GRIMM" ALBUM ...YEAH that's right Wu-Tang/M.I.C thank you for the comments.

Percy Carey said...

MalaQi Shallah,

I will go out and cop your quadruple cd as soon as it hit the stores. How much are you charging for that one?

Nicotine Milk said...

You're hooking up with the GZA? I saw you did the Complex interview. But, damn... Didn't Christmas already happen? If you're not just talking, that'll be more than ill. I got a chance to work for GZA at the Fox Theatre. He was a real cool guy. Left the bathroom real messy though... One of my favorite MC's. "Colombian Ties" off of his latest was a recent highlight.

As far as similarities between the lyrics, it's whatever. I'm probably just paranoid.

Much respect,
Cracker Jack

Percy Carey said...

I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.

bballwigga said...

hey percy,
i live in Australia and copped Hunt for the Gingerbread Man and loved it so much i picked up American Hunger & Iblyis and sentences in the same month. You are my favourite artist and i have nothing but respect for you, i almost wish you had become mainstream so i could see you on tour and shit but then again i'm so glad you didn't because which mainstream artists do concept artists about badass candy?

I think you should collaborate with Del the funkee homosapien. Blu, Sadistik and Immortal Technique would also be sick.


bballwigga said...

oh and a lupe appearance would be sick aswell...

when are you releasing your next album?

Evince said...

i wanna see you do another joint with Nato Caliph, when yall are on the same track...it's insane.

Bashir Wardini said...

A slug/Atmosphere hook up perhaps..

as for Doom, it's one of the few albums of his i can bump from start to end.

I know you stated the feud is over and what not but Book of Daniels is one of HH's best diss records.

brownhornet said...

"..will it end like Romelo..." I've always appreciated that joint Lift Me Up off American Hunger. thinkin' about that film Sugar Hill. one of my favorite jazz artist out now is Christian Scott... a Christian Scott/Percy Carey collab buildin' off of your life and that Sugar Hill concept would be dope. that Anthem album by Christian Scott, I highly recommend.

another collab, goin' off of what The Last Emperor has done with his "Secret Wars" tracks... and where you've taken it in the comic world and with the background battlin'... Grimm & Emperor... that right there would be incredible.

GZA and Grimm?!?! lookin' forward to that, definitely.

brownhornet said...
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brownhornet said...

in regards to the Doom album. whenever my brother and I put that on, I enjoy hearin' it out. my younger brother is 12 years old... Doom is his favorite producer and MC. like other comments, I wasn't to impressed with so many familiar beats, but I thought Doom's wordplay throughout the album was alright. personally, I'm more a fan of his production than rhyme skills.

whattup with a Special Herbs and Spices Vol. 2... that Vol. 1 was great. "10 years later!!!"

Kelvin said...

I like the album, solid 8/10. Tight production and the rhyming was hard too. I wonder if he'll try to crank out another album this year, I know he usually comes out with his music in bursts. I'm looking for another MF Grimm album too, I was listening to American Hunger earlier today and that Travelin joint was stuck in my head for a while..I would love to hear some more M.I.C. material too but man I'll take what I can get.

Cameron said...

What's up Grimm,

I loved Born Like This. I'm pretty much a DOOM fiend and while I agree it's no Doomsday I don't think that's necessarily a detriment. Supervillainz was a little off in my opinion, but Cellz, Absolutely, Gazillion Ear and More Rhymin' are all absolute gems.

I also can't wait for your next releases, American Hunger/Scars and Memories both transcend hip-hop and are both just straight up works of art. That's what I love about DOOM and Grimm, you guys are rappers who aren't confined by hip-hop rules/stereotypes and the result is the best music there is. Keep doing your thing,


Percy Carey said...

Thank you all for the comments and I'm going to take you up on the Christian Scott collabo.


babyb said...

I'll give it 5/10. The beats need work. I would like to see you work with R.A. The Rugged Man, Kurious and The Beatnuts. Adios

bankhead said...

A lot of old beats from the herb series. I can't believe nobody said something about that? A beat from Dilla. I expected more from someone who hasn't released an album in like 5 years.

So Percy how's new album coming along? I would like to see a Cormega collabo man. Your both boxers so make it happen! haha.


rising said...

I personally can't listen to Doom. His style just doesn't fit my listening preferences so there's no way I could get through this album.

As far as collaborations for you, I've got a few suggestions. If you manage to get Slug or Atmosphere like Bashir said, try and get Brother Ali. R.A. The Rugged Man would be good, Pharoahe Monch, Chino XL would all be good. Looking forward to the GZA collab too.

Spinx said...

It's a pretty good album, but not up to DOOM's usual high standard. I've been listening to the DOOM produced John Robinson album 'Who Is This Man?' a lot more. That's a great album. Along with Mr Lif, John Robinson (aka Lil' Sci) is my favourite MC in the game right now.

Spinx said...

I think it's a pretty good album, but not up to his usual high standard. I'm enjoying John Robinson's 'Who Is This Man?' a lot more. Along with Mr Lif, John Robinson (aka Lil Sci) is probably my favourite rapper around right now.

Griffy aka J said...

still listenin to this one hard. impossible to compare to op doomsday or vaudeville vill 2 of my all time fave spins. easily the best release of the year until jet drops the fast. keep ya ear to the curb and the bong to tha herb.

Ahmed said...

Oh man GM, don't make me answer that a collab with Kool G Rap again. Grimm you made G Rap look shit on his own album i don't know if many of you remember the 4,5,6 album but Grimm was on the majority of the album. Can't wait to Gza/Grimm i remember reading somewhere it was your dream to do a collab with him.
p.s. what happened to B1?
1) Grimm + Doom = Hip Hop revival
2) Grimm + Nas = Platinum x 7 (i know its a very small chance of that collab i read sentences heard what happened with his crew and yours).
3) Grimm + B1 = I need say no more :P
4) Grimm + Supernatural = GM you got unfinished business there :P
5) Grimm + Immortal Technique = Lyrical destruction
6) Grimm + Saigon = NEW YORK!!!
7) Grimm + Smoothe Da Hustler = Speechless
8) Grimm + Bone thugs n harmony = :O
9) Grimm + Sage francis = Underground Legends
10) Grimm + Jedi mind tricks or Mobb deep

Ahmed said...

What i expect from your next album, show people why your called GM. i'm expecting a doom and grimm track there too :P. If it tops american hunger then WOW.

I thought Doom's album was ok but still missing a tick tick factor. cant beat that song greatest collaboration of all time. Empress sharhh was probs the stand out feature on there. production wasn't the doom were used to but gotta give him props for trying something different.

Evince said...

man you should collab with reef the lost cauze...