Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day By Day Ent.

I'm working hard don't count me out. I feel there's still room for me in the game and I'm about to test the market. I'm going to shock the world. I'm working on songs as we speak.

Percy Carey


Noah said...

whats good man i stumbled across this blog the other day figured i'd finally sign up

looking foward to hear anything new man, is the sellout album still gonna drop sometime?

brownhornet said...

thats whats up. the 'Soldier Main' track is my joint! the last track I've heard from you man. whattup Grimm? this is lee, been checkin' your sites out brother, keep doin' your thing man. definitely. good lookin' on postin' that pic of the malcolm and sentences graphic novels. we're gettin' ready to make it available in our library system as well man.

Percy Carey said...

Yes, the sellout album is for the last quarter of 2009. Good call.


Percy Carey said...


Hit me up at we have so much to talk about. I trust you with my life (always did).


Distrakt said...

Know its high power. Can't wait.

Simon The SoulMan said...

I Cant wait to listen your newest albums, have you allready released The Fast?