Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stones Throw Records

Who's your favorite artist or producers?

J Rocc is family.


UncleSlam said...

Always liked Percee P, and Oh No isn't bad. Guilty Simpson on occasion, but his style can get a bit repetitive. Of course Madlib is always great to listen to.

Also, as a curveball, Omar Rodriguez Lopez is a pretty good listen.

Percy Carey said...


Thank you.


brownhornet said...

Madlib, the Quasimoto instrumentals of that Unseen was one of my favorite records when I first started listenin' to Stones Throw material. Then Yesterday's New Quintet. the Shades of Blue album. the instrumental work by Madlib is incredible. Oh No's albums are dope. the PB Wolf Peanut Butter Breaks... I enjoyed that as well. favorite is Madlib on instrumental over all.

Distrakt said...

Homeliss Derilex is dope too!

GTAsoldier said...

Oh man, when it comes to Stones Throw, there's a lot of favorites of mine:

Madlib / Lord Quas / Beat Konducta
Oh No
Peanut Butter Wolf
Baron Zen

GTAsoldier said...

oh and I can't forget about J Rocc!



Percy Carey said...

Percee P is family as well, we have been friends for a long time. hell of an emcee. Thank you for the comments. What the best live performance you have seen this year?


UncleSlam said...

Damn, now you've reminded me that I haven't been to a show this year. It's pretty damned shameful.

I am going to see Matisyahu at the House of Blues in Orlando later this month, and that should be interesting.

Aaron Richardson said...

MF Grimm, Count Bass D, Seal, Eddie Vedder. Get some!

Kyaw said...

j dilla!

Griffy aka J said...

astro travellin smokin sticky green and we menal over madlib instrumental

Evince said...

Percee P and Aloe Blacc.

Neither those dudes get enough love.

snatchNsteal said...

J Dilla cause he is probebly one of the most creative with his music. Dam Funk is ill as well, allthough he is mad underrated.. and off course madvillain. Love that Fancy Clown track!

Evince said...
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bballwigga said...

hey percy,

i was just wondering if you have any mf grimm shirts or anything going around?

also wondering if you've read the comic series the Walking Dead...


Evince said...

I also really like what Dudley Perkins did while he was on stones throw.

CAM said...

Last year's Rock the Bells was insane with Tribe, De La and Pharcyde alone. De La was so amazing I almost got tickets to the next stop on the tour to see that set again. I couldn't go to many shows this year because I was broke and I knew that they wouldn't compare.
This year's Rock the Bells in I got home from a flight out of Cali at like 5am on the day of the show in Boston. Last second decision to buy tickets instead of going to sleep. I should've been tired as hell from jetlag and sleep deficiency but the acts were too good to be tired.
Evidence destroyed. I think he's pretty slept on for his solo work, at least most of the people at the show didn't know who he was. He did his shit with Alchemist.
Then Buckshot comes on and rips off a couple of joints from Enta Da Stage and shit gets wild. Then KRS comes out and takes over Buck's set and we take it back to The Bridge. WOW. Busts off Step Into A World and then them dudes just start freestylin back or forth ACAPELLA and dudes are murdering it. Before they dip KRS calls for Step Into A World one more time and just runs into the crowd dapping everybody around, kinda throwing his hands up in the air like "I'm the king and these are my devoted people" as everybody is grabbing on him or scrambling over to where he is.

Can't get any better than that right?

M.O.P. comes out and I just remember that set as the livest motherfucking thing I've ever seen. They didn't even have to play Ante Up cuz they had everyone satisfied by Downtown Swinga. But when they started Ante Up it was like the running of the bulls to get to the front. I feel a little bad for the people who got ripped out of the way, but you can only expect that during a M.O.P. set. Ante Up was the greatest song I've ever seen performed. The energy was immeasurable. Scientifically speaking it's said it's impossible to create energy and that it can only be transferred, but I'm telling you, on that day M.O.P. defied science.
Slum Village was an ill time, Pete Rock DJed for them so he dropped T.R.O.Y. on us when we wasn't looking and the joint got jumpin. Dilla's my favorite producer and for a long while I bumped nothing but SV based off the strength of the beats and the songs grew on me. But probably just as exciting was to Elzhi. I know a lot more people know about him now than a couple of years ago but DAMN Elzhi is a beast. That dude spits in patterns that leave me thoughtless, cuz if you're not paying full attention you know you're gonna miss out on something dope. Just like M.O.P., I didn't think he could bring the same energy as on the record. I was happily wrong all day long.
Nas and Damian Marley were really good together. Nas seems to find new ways to perform One Mic every year, but it always leaves chills scurrying up your spine.
My apologies for the length, I start thinking about it, start writing about it, and before I know it I start reliving it and get lost in the moments past.

Oh yeah, the best producer in Hip Hop right now has got to be Black Milk. Those Elzhi albums alone have so much soul they could back up the argument. Black Milk is the future in my mind.

c said...

dave dub