Monday, July 13, 2009

How do you deal with your enemies?.

Do you show them mercy? Or do you crush them?



Nicotine Milk said...
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Nicotine Milk said...

Demask the motherfucker, and pull his nose holes apart.

For example:

Crack Jack

GTAsoldier said...

While I was in Junior High School, I had plenty of enemies. I often got into my first fights. I try to show no mercy to them, but as time went on I became more forgiving and merciful to those who had bothered me.



Evince said...

it typically depends on why they're my enemy in the first place. i do my best to show them mercy but if it gets to the point where i can't deal with it anymore...

The8thLeg said...

I usually show mercy because I either don't have the ability to crush them, or they simply are not worth the time and effort.

But there have been a few times where I had to show people that if you mess around too much, you will be called out on it.

dixie said...

Yo percy have you ever seen the flick dead man shoes ? its an english film from 2004,thats how you deal with those devils that come to destroy your freedom or fam...

teachtalearn said...

I want to hear a GM Grimm / Sun Rise Above collab before I die. Thanx

banx said...

I blow up real fast and attempt to crush, but when I cool down, I'm very quick to walk away from an altercation.

Elijah said...

I don't really have any enemies, but in all the confrontations I've gotten into, I find that the best way to to really humiliate them is not to blow up but simply be the better man and walk away. Now I do this out of necessity since the average toddler could whup my ass, but turning the other cheek or forgiving them will not only give you the moral highground but also depending on how they react. Show you if they are a reasonable human being who let their emotions get the better of them or a punk who needs to grow up.

Percy Carey said...

Thank you.


Percy Carey said...

How are you guys today?

Nicotine Milk said...

I'm doing okay. I want the money, for sure, but, shitdamngitder, I'll get along without it. Gas is continually exploding from out my dog's rear end. I'm currently wondering: Why am I not moving?

What have you been occupying your time with Percy?


Percy Carey said...


I'm focused on and working on new music.

I have this one group named Flash Thompson ...I love their music. I play it everyday all day.


Percy Carey said...

Dead man shoes? No, but I will check it out for sure.


Spencer said...

Percy how do you manage to stay so focused on one project? I've been trying to write for a while now and it's just hard to stay focused, you know.

Percy Carey said...

Are you talking about music? Or comics?.

I have problems staying focus because so many things run through my head so fast, I have to pace myself but I feel part of the reason I'm in this wheel chair is to learn patience.

I write everything down and check it off when I'm done.

But certain things come easier for me than others and that's good and that's bad.

American Hunger 60 songs because I was not patient and satisfied with doing what could be considered a regulare album of 10-12 songs. I know it was never done before so I rushed to get it done and because of that it has many flaws, but on the other hand I still got it done and paid for it myself no matter what people say or think, but I would never do it again because it took a lot to get it done with my own resources but I knew Nas Jay Z or whoever on the majoe labels would never have that chance because they all had to answer to somebody higher up and I would rather know I tried and failed at pleasing everyone than to not try at all and live regretting that I never even attempted at my dream....I gave it my will learn the balance it will come to you.


Spencer said...

I did mean with music, but thank you for the advice, and for the record it was hard to find a flaw on American Hunger for me. I f'n love that album.

But my problem is that I feel like I come up with an idea or a few lines for a song then I end up not working on it anymore and have another concept or idea or a few more short lines for another type of song and so on.

I guess it's just really comes down to sitting myself down and focusing on one thing at a time.

And where the fuck have I been, hah I just found out about "Sentences:: The Life of M.F. Grimm" I don't know where I've been, but I need to pick that up asap for some good reading.

Nicotine Milk said...
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Nicotine Milk said...

I checked out Flash Thompson... That's some weird shit!!!

I've been wondering lately why you don't do more public shows/appearances as the GM? Is it a money issue? I know from my own personal experience that people can get frustrated with the business that goes into live acts. I'm not naive enough to think that one can just pick up a mic anywhere and spit ill shit without having to pay people for it. But why can't it be? Wouldn't it be wise for someone as talented as you to start some kind of guerrilla PR campaign where you roll up with a small PA and just spit the ill shit?? You're not above the streets... ! Especially with all the allusions to super heroes.

I'm ranting for sure, but, damn. I work so many terrible shows (especially "hip-hop"). I'd like to see GM GRIMM on the marquee at least once... GRIMM doesn't seem to be getting much love. I know I'm just naive. Running everything yourself has gotta be a pain in the ass. At least you're not covered in leeches though. Well...

Hope all is going well with you Percy. This is one wild, fucked up world man.


Bulletfoot said...

strong words like hate, love, malignant, binine, yes and no.
But now society has given the attributes of i love my shoes, cars etc,
i hate rain hatehate hate. All without the understanding of the true pain/joy.
Ill answer knowing, if i put pain on to my enemey tears will fall from my
eye knowing that i loved them with the most passion of life to make them feel my pain.
With this i would cry cause im am killing the love possibly the only thing really i have created
for the person and tainted the
memory of what made me admire and love them. Cause i don't believe anyone exist i created you in my reality
with the soul purpose of teaching me.

now the person i loved and hate i taint with my vengeance, and i feel the power the demented strength i put upon them
passive or aggressive twisted i want to mainline it into their soul like they disturbed my mental my dream which
lead me to question my faith, i want them to talk to their personal god. Become the slayer of their dreams and
have their mind a cell for vengeance, only knowing if and when they strike back it was my premeditated dream i
breed with my recipe of hate.

But to answer this in a "patrick bateman" way i would start by taping their eylids open and making then stare at a mig welder till they go blind then work them over with ball peen hammers..

peace be the journey