Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food Review

This is my first food review. Ratings are. Happy face as the best and Sad Face as

:) = Good as it gets

**** = very good
*** = It was cool
** =Be happy you ate something
* = What was I thinking?
:( = Hurry up and ltake me to the fucking hospital

FOOD Review

Style- Fast
Place- Carl Jrs.- Ate a hamburger and some poison they tried to pass off as ice tea. It sucks.
Rating- :(

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Back

It's been a very busy month for me. I went to the Grammy's (Parties) NAACP image awards (party) and three or four other parties as well. I'm back to work, and taking questions about love, food, music, or what ever else you guys want to talk about. I will respond to the past comments a little later on tonight right now,I'm going to make something to eat talk to you guys later.

Thank you and good night.

Percy Carey

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Complex Magazine Online: Percy Carey's Comic Book Corner

How many of you guys know about my Comic Book/Graphic Novel blog over at ?. Well just incase, I thought I would inform everyone (It's better to be safe than sorry). I'm blogging every Wednesday, interviewing people (in music, film, television, comic book writers, publishers, toys collectors, Manga, and comic book lovers. Please contact me if there's someone, or a company you want to see covered, and I'll do my best. Check it out ( (comics) you can post comments there as well. (It would make me look good). Thank you and goodnight.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

MF DOOM and MF GRIMM are Brothers

By Percy Carey

I need to set the record straight, there's no problems between DOOM and I. I understand in the past things were said back and forth but that is the past, so if anyone approach you and ask about a war between MF DOOM and MF GRIMM
Please tell them what I just stated; if they don't believe you, just send them here to read this; that goes for anyone else in M.I.C. who people might think we're beefing. I'm on a path to become a better person, it's the only way the creator will allow me to enjoy the benefits of life. I'm about to apply for college, and attempt to get a degree in marketing, I'm also donating my time to the local zoo, because of my fascination of studying orangutans; my goal is to create a story about them and other great apes and turn it into a graphic novel. I'm looking forward to seeing how life will be in the future. I would also like to thank all of you guys for supporting me, and for the comments they're were needed. Please excuse any errors in this I'm typing from my phone, I'll edit everything later. How many of you guys heard my song "Dirg of Dolor"?. You can check it out on until I post it up here at "The Percy Carey Show". Feel free to think me what you think about the song. Thank you, and goodnight.