Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ICan you name a hip hop album that came with a comic book?

If so please name it...Thank you



Keith Irwin said...

De La Soul - De La Soul Is Dead
Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Also, comics which came with hip-hop CDs/tapes:
Big Joe Krash(KRS-One) - Break The Chain
Kid Koala - Nufonia Must Fall

I didn't include any like McEnroe and Birdapres - Nothing Is Cool which just has a one-page comic as a cover. I think that there are a lot of those.

There are also probably some I forgot, but my CDs are all packed up in boxes, so I can't go double check.

banx said...

I cant find my copy but i believe outkast Atliens had a little comic strip in the booklet.

Madvilliany 2 has one but never got it because it was so damn expensive and heard that most of it were just sort of remixes of older tracks.

banx said...

also few years back duck down (9th wonder/ buckshot, sean price, smiff N wessun) did comic themed covers that were pretty sick.

At comic con Prodigal Sunn mentioned he was working on a comic that may or may not be along side a cd.

im lookin through some of my shit and a lot do comic style covers but never do anything else in relation to it. even though a comic wasnt on the album, last emperor- music magic myth has one of the most comic laced songs called secret wars pt.1 and pt.2

JM said...


brownhornet said...

Bumpy Knuckles, Industry Shakedown

mcbooth said...

How bout MF GRIMM's YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE: THE AUDIO GRAPHIC NOVEL? Featuring a 13 page comic with art by Jim Mahfood, aka, Food One! Just sayin!

- Mike

Wilhelm said...

Remember the DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip video, "Rhythm is the Master"?

Not a "real" comic book, but that vid and the cover of their album had a comic book theme.

Niklo said...

One page with Digital Underground's "Sons of the P"