Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug. 24 Meet and Greet and Free Album

Hey everyone! I've been busy on a number of projects! Still, I'll do my best to keep you informed about what's going on with the entertainment industry at large. For now, here's a look at what I've been up to in re: to music:

Media Alert


Emcee MF GRIMM to Host Web Event and Give Away Free Music
Creator of Day By Day Entertainment Interacts With Fans, Provides Free Album

Los Angeles, Calif
. - August 24, 2009 - MF GRIMM will host a live web event, Monday, August 24, 2009 at 7:00pm PST. Fans and media will be able to place live video calls to GRIMM through the innovative town hall platform. Those seeking to participate may access the event via the embedded player at

Visitors of the site will also have access to MF GRIMM's latest mixtape, "Story: By MF GRIMM". The album is free to download.



Evince said...
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Evince said...

site is lookin real good fam

Nicotine Milk said...

Thanks MF,

I was hungry as hell. I can't believe you took it to Watership Down. Blew my mind. All the film theory was cool too. Queen and crack rock... Seriously?? Haha!

Thanks for the mix,

Percy Carey said...

Thank you.


sinkaswim said...

big MIC fan. heard theres a press conference or something of that sort in january 2010 touching on the topic of a new album. any truth to this