Wednesday, August 26, 2009

She's Not Toying Around

Hey there! I hope the week is treating you all well.

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to a friend of mine, Michael Chavez Booth. He'll be helping me out here and there with the show. 

BOOM goes the dynamite!!! (Sorry, I wanted to introduce you to a new catchphrase of mine as well ... I think it's hilarious)

Thanks, Percy! 

Ritzy Periwinkle. Yes, Ritzy. Yes, Periwinkle. Her name complements her uniqueness. And that's a thing of beauty. 

Ritzy is an artist who has recently partnered with Master of the Widget, LLC., our new strategic innovation company (find us here). From sketches to graphic design, Ritzy has been highly lauded for her efforts, especially recently.

She's been doing so well,, or M.I.S.S. as it's better known, gave her tribute. She was named a Women Making History honoree. As you'll see, Ritzy has done a lot in her short career. I'm loving her newest accomplishment. It's a toy, and yet, a work of art!

Ritzy was featured as one of the designers of the BIC Buddy Artist Series 1. You can see the work in the M.I.S.S. article (find link above). But here's a sneak peak (she did the one in the middle!)

Obviously, I'm excited to see what other projects Ritzy has coming our way. I'll definitely keep you updated. But until then, check out Ritzy's past and current work at

I don't have any clever catch phrases like P. So I'll just sign out.

- M

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Percy Carey said...

Ritzy is the bomb....BOOM! goes the dynamite.

Support her.