Friday, August 21, 2009

Des Taylor Works With Style

Recently, my assistant Michael Chavez Booth met up with young designer Jazmin Whitley to deliver her personalized issue of "The Trouble With Katie Rogers." When creator Des Taylor caught wind of the exchange, he was delighted. Here is what Des wrote:

Jazmin Whitley, star of MTV's new series HOUSE OF JAZMIN gets her copy of Des Taylor's graphic novel “The Trouble With Katie Rogers”.
Percy Carey's assistant, Mike Chavez Booth, who met Jazmin on the red carpet of her season premiere launch party in L.A. delivered the novel.

"Booth tells me she was so excited with it,” said creator Des Taylor.

Katie Rogers appears in a Li Cari designed dress (Jazmin's clothing label) in the graphic novel.

MTV’s new fashion inspired series follows the life of Jazmin Whitley, a 20 year-old fashion designer who is trying to balance life as a young adult while juggling the duties of a growing fashion brand.

Whitley, designer of the Li Cari fashion house had her very first fashion show at her school San Marino High School, it was a huge hit. She then started creating one of a kinds for talents and socialites and one piece turned into a 36 piece collection for her first LA fashion week. Which launched the Li Cari clothing label in Los Angeles, March 2006 as the finale of Los Angeles fashion week. With multiple fall and spring collections being featured, a tour around European Fashion Week, as well as New York and Los Angeles.

Viewers will get an inside look at Jazmin’s journey to make a mark on the fashion industry. From sketching and puling fabrics to selecting models that bring her designs to life on the catwalk, Jazmin has her hands full. Though Jazmin is the talented designer and master mind behind the Li Cari line, it is the support of her family and friends that propels the brand to new heights.

Her new series "House of Jazmin" airs Tuesday evenings at 10:30 pm ET/PT on Mtv.

It's great when good things happen to amazing people, don't you think!

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