Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Curse of the Clippers

As said, I will be contributing a few sports blogs here and there. Expect a few originals this week. Hell, it is an exciting time!

The NFL is finally spotlighting its top contenders. The Saints remain the NFC's only unbeaten team. These boys have been marching all over their competition. They remind me of the Patriots team of 2007. However, beyond their sanctity, only a few other NFC teams really stand out to me. The Giants started hot but have lost two in a row (the first loss being to the Saints). Still, I think Eli will saddle up and come back hard against high-flying Philadelphia this week (a prolific team, but inconsistent to say the least). As always, the NFC East remains competitive and unpredictable. The Vikings continue to impress and are poised to take the NFC North. Although the Pack is closing in, the Vikings only worry should be the chutzpah of Mr. Favre. If he keeps it together and remains unearthed, they will go deep... into the playoffs. 

The AFC is loaded this season with the usual suspects and a few teams that'll raise the brow. The Patriots are finally back on track and Tom Brady, the happily expecting father, is doing damage with Wes Welker and company. Pittsburgh is finally back in fighting shape after starting a little slow. They are happy to have Troy back and flying around. Besides, his hair looks so good. Thanks Head and Shoulders! 

The Colts are first in the league in passing yards (no surprise there) and second in points. They are lacking heavily in the rushing department (27th overall). But have impressed with their D, allowing only 77 points in six games, second to the (WTF) Denver Broncos who have only allowed 66. The surprising team this season - of course, the Cincinnati Bang-alls. (In reality, it's the Broncos, but being a friend to so many of the guys distorts my reality - still, I'll pay homage below). These guys have lost a few that they should have won and yet, they still look threatening (especially for the Bengals). I'm looking forward to OCNN (Ocho-Cinco News Network, a social media network run by the one and only 85), but moreso to what the Bengals have left in the tank. 

So yeah, the Broncos, they're 6-0. Wow, McDaniels... wow. I tip my hat to you, sir. Nobody (you included) expected your Motley Crue to be the team they've been so far. Of course, you have won a few by saving grace. (And you did score a late touchdown against the Chargers that could have easily been overturned. I know, I was thirty feet away from the call when it happened. Did you see me? Short guy in a suit, yelling at the Halloween-looking linesmen?)

The World Series is upon us - which, I know Percy is excited about. I'm rooting for the Phillies (as a Dodgers fan), he's rooting for the Yankees (born and raised in the big city). It's a toss-up, really. Both teams are stacked. The Phillies are riding on last season's momentum. But the Yankees, are still the Yankees, no matter how you look at it. 

The NBA is tipping off tonight - Check the Celtics/Cavs blockbuster matchup. The Cavs are puffing out their chests with newly acquired Shaquille O'Neal. The Celtics are looking to return to glory with Rasheed WALL-ACE!!!! Another exciting matchup is a civil war of sorts, L.A. v. L.A. Unfortunately, it looks like the Lakers will wipe the floor with the Clips. Too bad they can't also wipe the tears of Clippers fans, having just lost their No. 1 draft pick to a broken knee cap. (Blake Griffin is expected to miss six weeks with the injury.) Although it is lengthy, if you have about a half-hour to spare, read Bill Simmons's take on the Clippers Curse. Wow, it's worse than I thought. 

That's it for now - feel free to agree, disagree, rant and rave. It's all part of the game. Whatever you do, keep watching. This week is sure to be a doozy. 



Percy Carey said...

Let go Yankees!!!

Bulletfoot said...

Damn Homie, Grats on the Yankees win, Sad to say im a mets fan, My Gmen arent doing to good but their whole division aint looking good.

Yeah Now that i cought unemployment all i do i exercise, read and watch Espn. I must say OchoCinco really changed my mind about him, and about how when he gets fined he matches the money and gives to charities.

I dont think King James is going to come to the knicks. esp after the commment he made that fuck the money give me the championship.

But my own personal game i love to play is Handball, ill pat myself on the back i am damn good, i watch tennis and use that in my game also. What you think about Agassi and his Meth issue? was it like steroids. I dont think so man is just trying to come clean and live an honest life now and i commend him for that and the charity work he does