Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Digital Street Team

Thank you to those who have sent in your information re: Day By Day's Digital Street Team. We appreciate your support. As Percy said, please encourage others to sign up for this effort by forwarding relevant information to either - mcbooth@daybydayent.com or daybydayent@gmail.com.

I will be sending out instructions to each of you shortly. We are all excited about this album and trust you will love it!
In preparation of my instructions, please (when you have time), take a few moments here and there to research and find highly-followed and lauded hip-hop forums, blogs, and other relevant websites.

Additionally, if you find some extra minutes, take a look at our Youtube page: youtube.com/daybydayent. Help us out be sending us comments with videos/uploads of Day By Day and Percy Carey content. We've found a few for you thus far. Enjoy!



Evince said...

Sounds good...Lets go.

Jesse Taco said...

big ups for the signed hunger, best xmas present eva