Thursday, October 22, 2009

MF GRIMM digital street team

I need your help

If you join the MF GRIMM digital street team to help promote my new album "You Only Live Twice" I will send you a free autographed copy of "American Hunger" (my triple cd), information about the new release, and advance sample tracks from the album... Are you with me? If so please send your information to (cc) and please make it attn: "MF GRIMM Street Team" I really need your help... because I can't do it without you! Please feel free to tell your friends. Thank you.

Percy Carey


Evince said...

Sounds good.

What info do you want us to send?

Percy Carey said...

Email address, phone number (text info), and mailing address for the CD.


Percy Carey said...

Thank you.


Griffy aka J said...

still havent got shittt allllll

Percy Carey said...

All copies of American Hunger will be sent November 15, 2009. I'm actually in the studio right now so I'll contact you guys later this week. Thank you.


sashyh said...

is it too late for me to be part of this?

champ-09 said...

is it to late for me to be apart of this