Thursday, December 3, 2009

KicksTV - I know you like kicks!

I'm looking forward to working with these guys in the future...

Find out more about these guys at: 


mike said...

Grimm, how the heck are you? those folks seem to have something good going....I hope things are well with you. Oh, this is Mdot.

YOV$KI said...

Hello Percey,
I just found this blog and I take the opportunity to let you know that I really love what you do and say, and that I make your sound explode in Switzerland. For me you're the most conscious rapper and the one who is the nearest to truth. For sure we dont have the same life, but I really feel what you sayin with your mind. I support you 200% and I buy all your stuffs. So keep doin' it (even if I think you dont need me for that!), and it would be cool to see you in here... think about it, we have good weed!!!

Peace from Switzerland,
Yovski (

YOV$KI said...
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Griffy aka J said...

hey yov money, good to hear about you reppin for the true school in alpville.

Percy Carey said...

Mike and YOV$KI

What's up? how are you guys?...I just wanted to say thank you as well..