Saturday, December 26, 2009


How are you guys?

I wanted to thank you for your support and tell you that 2010 is ours!!!....are you ready?



banx said...

word, day by day listing 2 albums this year. sure both will knock hard. you still working on feast? remember your wiki page mentioning it but it got removed.

sashyh said...

yo man How you doing percy? ive wanted to talk to you for a long time, best fuckin rapper alive, i dont care who says its opinion and shit, i see it as a fact. i was wanting to ask you, is there any rappers you would straight up consider better than you? oh and i bought your book this week, fuckin dope shit man hoping you do more books and shit, cant fucking wait for your new album man, im sure its gonna be fuckin sick, happy new year man, coming from a die hard fan, maybe your biggest fan, haha

YOV$KI said...

Fuckin' ready man!

Actually me and my man are supposed to drop our first mixtape in this 2010 begining. For now we're cookin' in the studio. It's gonna be "cheap" if you know what I mean, but, whatever, fuck it, we just do our things! I will give you some shit to listen to when its ready. Maybe you'll like it and then drop a verse on it!

See ya

Percy Carey said...

Banx- I'll update you first week of Jan 2010

Sashyh- Thank you. No I don't feel there's an MC better than me but I'm sure most MC's feel that way.

YOV$KI- Send it and we will see what's up with me getting on the track.

Happy New Year Day By Day Family!!!

Evince said...

happy new years percy, stay up.

Jesse Taco said...

stack that money gingy

banx said...

right on dude, lookin forward to the announcement. Happy new year and thanks for the CD!!

Percy Carey said...

Happy New Year!!..did everyone get a cd? if not contact Mike. Thank you.


sashyh said...

fuck ya man, you ARE the best, i dont give a fuck what anyone says, your it man, your just it, end of story, ive been working my ass off, writing and read every day, ive writeen a song every day, practically man, i would fuckin love to talk to you more personally man, if you would like to email me directly, it would probably be one of the best days of my life man, so if you want to make a die hard fan incredibly happy, email me at, myspace is an actual email noe so that would be amazing percy! i really look forward to really getting into a conversation with you percy, peace brother!

YOV$KI said...

Hey Percy, I've sent you a few tracks on your adress