Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This came from one of the fam, Lee. Thanks Lee for this message.

Lee writes:

Before the holidays arrive I wanted to forward you a note from the The Beat Within's Volume 14.48. The Editor's Note discusses "time" a topic that I've been thinking about as well as the we close in on another year. A Voices Behind Walls newsletter is pending a post-2010 December update with a link to the full issue of Volume 14.48 which you can also access now at the following link: http://www.thebeatwithin.org

Here is an excerpt from the Editor's Note of The Beat Within, Volume 14.48:

"Is it possible that today is already December? Can it be that nearly another full year has passed? Can this really be the 48th Editor's Note of the year? Time... What does time mean? There is a very old English phrase: "Time and tide wait for no man (or woman)." What do you think that phrase means?

So many of you who are reading this measure your lives out in "time served" - two days here, a month there, a year or two or...? Because we are older than our writers, maybe we value time more than. Like the sand in an hour glass, we can see it slipping away, never to return. When we're young, time seems endless; the future seems to stretch out like a highway whose end we cannot see. It is a time to play, a time without thought or consequences. But as we move along that highway, we begin to see that time does have an end, and that all the potholes and detours we have to take along the way do count for something - either by slowing us down or giving us lessons to learn from."

Happy Holidays to you all from Percy Carey, Michael Chavez Booth and all of us over at Day By Day Ent.


brownhornet said...

thank you for the shout DBD!

Percy Carey said...

Happy Holidays!!!