Thursday, September 3, 2009

Diamond Distribution Point of Sale System: Will it help change the face of comic book retail?

While at ComicCon 2009 I had the opportunity to interview Diamond Distribution about their P.O.S. system for comic book retail stores.

I will follow-up this entry with a round table discussion with several comic book retail stores and see what their opinion is on life with Diamond's P.O.S. system.

I would like to take this time to thank the entire Diamond distribution staff for being so helpful throught this process.

Fans and retailers alike: I would appreciate some feedback about the short interview with Diamond. Thank you.



Percy Carey said...

Thank you to Cheryl Sleboda (Customer Service Technical Support Asst Manager) Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.


Nicotine Milk said...

There's a multi-million dollar industry...

Angela said...

Yo, I thought the interview was very informative. I guess the old way of keeping track of the most popular selling comics is outdated; using pen and paper. The Diamond P.O.S. system brings comic book retailers into the a more advanced and more competetive arena because it allows them to gage the popularity and profitability of an upcoming comic and purchase inventory accordingly. Shame they didn't have "SENTENCES the LIFE OF MF GRIMM!" Great interview Percy.


CAM said...

Percy, Congratulations! I recently discovered an accomplishment of yours I was unaware of.
SENTENCES is required reading at my buddy's college for English class.
I didn't know it was like that. That's really impressive. Glad to see you getting more recognition.
Take care.

Michael said...


Which school and what class?

That is exciting stuff!


CAM said...


It was at Clark University in Worcester, MA and after doing a little digging I found the course description.

ENG148 - Memoirs from the Borderlands

"The course focuses on the genre of memoir as a vehicle for public offering of personal stories. By examining different types of memoir dealing with stories of multicultural or marginalized identities, emphasis is given to how memories are shaped into narratives about life in social and cultural borderlands."

CAM said...

Finally got around to watching the whole interview.
I was amazed to find out from this that most comic book retail is still done by hand. I can only imagine how tedious that work must be for a manager trying to take count of their inventory.
That Diamond Comic Suite system looks pretty amazing to be honest. The fact that it can recognize that a person wants all the particular comics from one catalogue is really cool, saves the customer time from having to pre-order their comics.
I'm not sure about the price because I'm don't know how much comic book retailers have to spend on their business, but the payment plan option seems to be a great way to get set-up with a fresh new inventory system that saves retailers loads of time. And as we all know, time is money, so saving time is saving money.
I also thought it was cool how Cheryl at one point even mentioned that there are other P.O.S. systems made by other companies out there. She showed that her concern is really for the comic book retailers and their ability to stay alive and eating, and not just pushing a product.
I still can't believe that most of these comic book joints still do their paperwork by hand. I think they should jump all over this P.O.S. business and save themselves a lot of stressing over manual paperwork.

Mia Poppy said...

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