Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nina Storey, A Novel Listen

Hey everyone! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.

Recently, I was fortunate to hear about singer Nina Storey. I read up on Nina. She seemed like a sweet lady. I listened to a few of her tracks. She has an even sweeter voice. Both her demeanor and talent have garnered increasing fan following and positive press coverage.

If you can spare the brief moment, watch one of Nina's recent music videos (below). I think you'll agree this woman has some soul. Her voice is soothing.

Frankly, I'm digging her music greatly and just want you to have the same opp!

Nina will be performing at the Hotel Cafe this coming Tuesday (9/8/09). The show begins at 8pm. I'm venturing to see if she sounds this good live. I'm thinking, yes.

Have a good week.



Elijah said...

Thats actually really good.

Nicotine Milk said...

I'm also a fan of naked women who love me. Well, I'm really just a fan of naked women in general. My girlfriend says she likes Nina's voice, but would have preferred not seeing her face.


mumblz said...

hmm, she's good. Bet my fam would dig her. Thanks!