Saturday, September 12, 2009

MF GRIMM Virtual Meet and Greet

Hey everyone,

To commemorate the re-launch of Day By Day Entertainment (just a few weeks back), I sat down with a few of my colleagues and closest fans in a virtual town hall format (courtesy of our friends over at 

We plan on doing more of these in the future. has done a great job so far, but they have a lot more to show us. Likewise, I'll be sure to come through with a better connection. My face is not usually all blurry like that. Make sure you participate in the next conversation. I'll be sure to give you a shout out!

For now, here's a peek at what went on in the last event:

Thanks for reading/watching.

Percy Carey  


Evince said...

That was mad cool, can't wait to do it again

Alex Geller said...

hey I was wondering the next time this will be airing because I would love to join the chat!

sinkaswim said...

pissed i just found out about all this shit huge grimm and MIC fan all around